'Brides this year are coveting bespoke artwork like the incredible line drawings by Sophie Morgan'

Jade Beer, Editor BRIDES

Artist Sophie graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University in London and had her first solo show in 2004.

For over a decade now, she has been exhibiting her award-winning artwork and recently, when commissioned to create an artwork for a wedding gift, her first official Love Line was drawn.

Working from photographs Sophie creates beautiful, unique, personal and utterly bespoke line drawings known as Love Lines.

Elegant, unique and right on trend, Sophie’s Love Lines were soon in the press and her bespoke artwork is now in huge demand.

Sophie works with friends to extend the creativity of Love Lines, now offering bespoke poetry to celebrate the most precious life moments.

In addition to Love Lines, Sophie is also a portrait artist.

Furthermore, Sophie works as a TV Presenter, campaigner, company director, ambassador, model, journalist and campaigner.