Love Line Original Drawing

Love Line Original Drawing

from 90.00

Whether you are a friend or relative looking for a special or unique gift, celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or a significant event, then a Love Line is for you.

Have a special life moment turned into a beautiful piece of bespoke artwork.

To commission your personalised art, simply choose a preferred size (A5 or A4) and place your order.

You will then be asked to email your own photograph/s so that your commission can be completed.

See the gallery for examples and inspiration.

Hints & Tips:

The best Love Lines are inspired by movement, shape and gesture, so try and provide photographs that show special moments such as walking down the aisle, dancing, holding hands or any special moment filled with love. It's more about the overall shape of the couple, than the smaller details.

Love Lines are about the figures, so typically any background is removed (however, please let us know if you would like a specific feature included).

Please email clear, high quality photos ideally professionally taken, but non professional photos can be supplied. Sophie will contact you if the images aren't suitable for the drawing.

Create your own bespoke Love Line